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Hi, we're a new family living in Los Angeles with a newborn baby. My wife did ALOT of research and I can vouch for her that she has great taste! Her purchases have good value, goes well with a modern decor, and is safe, well built, and our daughter loves it all.

The original idea came to me when a coworker, who was pregnant asked to see my wife's registry because she had no idea what half of all the stuff she would need to buy. My wife had gotten it all covered, so why not share this valuable information with the rest of the world? You can also do your own research by checking out the wirecutter who have expert reviewers, or youtube for really indepth suggestions. Think of this website as a cheatsheet for all those things you'll need.Shopping Bag

We have bought everything on this list unless I've specified. If there's something missing, please let me know!

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0 - 4 months

You have a newborn on the way. We spent hours pouring over review sites, blogs, youtube mom channels, and ended up with the following below:
We looked at a bunch of different strollers, and this was a bit cheaper than our other choice, and is a great build, made from excellent materials, and handles well with fairly large wheels.
Made with sustainable New Zealand pine wood, it has a beautiful neutral wood color, and was easy to put together. It comes with a toddler bed conversion kit, so it’ll grow with our daughter.
This is a really popular car seat. It’s safe, and will last your child until they reach 2.5ft tall or 30lbs. Our daughter is in the 99% percentile for height so we probably only have a few months left.
This Swedish ergonomic bouncer is clean and minimal. When we need a 5 or 10 minute breather, a seat like this in invaluable. Buy the attachable wooden Googly Eyes for her to play with.
White noise helps her sleep plus you can control it through your phone! There are other convenient ways of controlling it like pressing the top of it to stop or play the most recent. The colors give the room an ambient glow too.
These were featured on sharktank, and our baby loves hers. Apparently, they’re sold out all the time. Could only find this bigfoot one on amazon. They’re very soft and cuddly, and we keep hers in her crib and helps her sleep for sure.
Attaches to the BabyBjorn bouncer.
We looked at a few mattresses, and chose this one for the dual side sleep system that she can also grow with and it’s high performance ratings.
There are alot of options for baby monitors, but ultimately decided on this one because the speakers will go on if there are any sounds emmitted, 360 degree remote access, and night vision. We also chose non-wifi because of the off chance of any hacking into the feed. It's light weight, and screwed into the wall above her crib.
We first bought the Gemini Performance Baby Carrier by Beco, but my wife discovered this one from a Mommy and Me Meetup. We returned the Beco and this is our go to carrier! We actually got the 'Wonder' design, but is out of stock at the moment.
This was in our registry, and we actually just put it together the other day. She can spin around, and every turn there’s something colorful and new to play with!
For printing those photos into those picture frames I’m sure you’ll have. Also great for use in scrap/memory books. We used them in The Belly Book and My Baby Book.
It was down to this one or the Scandinavian Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair. Though the Tripp Trapp would have fit with our wooden bench. It came down to costs where it was the half the price. It’s design is so sleek and the Deluxe, Padded Leatherette Seat looks like something you’d find in an Italian sportcar.
We haven’t used this yet, but will be pulled out later when we have a play area on the floor for her.
This was her first playmat where she got plenty of tummy time. We placed a reflective soft mirror in front of her for something to focus on.
We used this as her bassinet for the first two months right next to our bed. It comes with a device for vibration, which she seemed to like at first, but was not necessary soon after. We now use it as a playpen as it converts to a larger surface area when you place the mat to the bottom of the pen.
If you have the UPPAbaby stroller, and the Chicco car seat, this adapter let’s you use both together. Made it convenient to remove the entire carseat and connect to a stroller, especially as a newborn.
This is a nice, minimal wood colored first bookshelf. Books are prominently displayed face forward.
This extra additional stroller padding gives her a bit more support.
This is one of many carriers we used. It was confusing at first how to put it on, so watch some videos and practice! For men who like minimalist fashion design, their peers might think they’re wearing Rick Owens.😎
This is unique since you can squeeze each paw for a different musical note. It’s not played with that much, but maybe when she’s a bit older.
You’ll want that extra protection for any blow outs or milk vomit. yum.😌
They have a quilted, honeycomb lining and a unique breathable waterproof layer for leakproof protection
From the Wimmer-Ferguson collection, has high contrast minimal design. We would wound it up for 5 minutes and then let it spin. I wish that part was motorized though.
As soon as she was old enough (maybe 2 months?) where she no longer had to be swaddled, she was completely switched over to sleepsacks til the time of writing this.
We have a variety of burp cloths, but these just look really nice and are soft and absorbent.
Moving from swaddling with muslin, this is just as effective though you can't swaddle as tightly.
This is the micro-fleece version so good for colder weather.
This is a nice value buy straight from amazon
We haven’t used it yet, but good to have on hand.
Solid dispenser for wipes. Keeps moisture in, good build.
Great for when you’re on the go.
Your child doesn’t want just any towel, no.. it has to have a cute lamb face.☺️ Also it’s a little bit easier to dry their hair off when they’re wearing it like a little cap.
When she’s a bit older, there will be drool and spit up. These little bandana bibs look cute and will be there to catch it.
We’ve read these are better than under arm thermometers with reading temperatures.
We have this placed on top of our Ikea Hemnes dresser. It’s again, soft, and contoured to keep her in centered. This is a must buy.
After her daily bath, we massage this baby lotion on her.
These were wonderful when she was a newborn. Can sleep all comfy in this.
She’s not quite teething yet, but she’ll still chew on this regardless.
She played with this early on as newborn. It’s colorful, and we usually had her play with it in the play gym.
She was sucking on the pacifier early, early on, but she’s switched to her thumb!
I just pulled this out, and she immedietly put it to her mouth 😂
This is a novel way of checking on your baby while driving.
We started with these bottles, and we approve! They’re soft to hold, and has a natural feel.
This is another toy she plays with quite regularly. She’ll either put it in her mouth, or hold it. If you turn it, the beads fall towards that side and has a somewhat hypnotic effect.
Our baby does scratch herself in her sleep, so these can be helpful, though these newborn ones only last for a month or so.
When she first arrived in our home, we showed her these cards to look at and would say the name of the animal or person to her. It can be a talking point, and just something to focus on.
It’s recommended that you don’t use any sunscreen on your child, so this can be good for the backseat area to keep a little more sunlight out.
We’ve just introduced this toy as well, and she puts this to her mouth as well and likes rolling it around.
We have a whale theme going on in the bathroom so we use this for every bath. We’ll fill this up and gently pour on her head for washing her hair as well as just washing soap off.
We have stuck this in different areas. Right now it’s on her activity center, or earlier, it was looped to the top canopy of the playmat.
You can never have enough teething toys!
Keeps their feet warm when going out, otherwise seldom used.
When you start organizing their clothes, you‘ll want to segment them by age. You’ll probably want dividers for better clarity.
She dresses in onesies all day, all night unless she‘s out and about. There was also a great black friday sale on Gap Kids where everything was 50% off. Stock up on these. ☝️